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What we have achieved



2014 -15


What did we do this year?


The NGY myplace building is the gateway to activities and services delivered by partners in the Building. Base 51 as the lead partner employs a team of support workers who not only deliver activities and learning programmes but enable young people access appropriate support, This includes ono-to-one support, crucial for those young people who have experienced significant trauma in their lives, have little or no family to support them or who are having to learn how to live independently. Often these are young people who have not engaged with education and are at risk of unemployment.

The reach of NGYmyplace has always intended to be broad and to ensure we are engaging with all young people in the city, we have consolidated our  programme (which is age appropriate) focusing on specific support to young people up to 25 years during the day and evening sessions delivering youth activities for 11 – 19years olds. Within this all activities are assessed to be age appropriate and safeguarding is paramount.

During this year there were:

 27,170 visits to NGY

over 400 individual young people using NGY each quarter

1193 new young people became NGY members

We now have over 4,000 members!

What  we have achieved/Housing Support

During 2014 a total of 172 housing sessions were offered to young people and 149 young people supported – some of these would have been in depth support for more complex cases.

  • 272 referrals to accommodation

  • 70 referrals to external agencies

  • 80 referrals to internal services(laundry, showers food parcels etc)

  • 211 young people signposted to other services


 During this year the service:

supported 388 young people

offered 2,270 sessions

Referrals are from GPs, Nottingham’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and Schools as well as signposting from health professionals, colleges, families and internal services.

Key issues young people bring to counselling are:

Issues with Parents




Emotional Abuse


This year Boots Charitable Trust have funded work with young people age 19 – 25.  During this year the service was awarded funding for a pilot service to be delivered in the County from Nottinghamshire County Council which started in September 2015 at Eastwood Youth Club